Here at TST we provide delivery and transport across the UK to major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. We also offer delivery to Ireland and Scotland as well as overseas, moving into more international delivery. Our international locations include but are not limited to: Bulgaria, Poland and the Netherlands. We take great care in ensuring that our transport is not restricted by location so we can be accessible for all of our customers.

Our Services

Daily Deliveries

Although our trade expands nationally and internationally, we have daily deliveries and particular strength in certain areas due to building up strong business relationships with various clients. Our most regular orders are to London, with others regularly coming from the North East.

Chilled Distribution

We offer a chilled distribution system when transporting some of our non-ambient, temperature-sensitive products as we understand the importance of quality control. Our chilled distribution allows us to keep the products at the right temperature, removing any risk of damage or deterioration providing you with the best standard of delivery and products.

Haulage Systems

For our distribution we use a range of haulage systems to ensure the delivery is prompt and reliable. Some of the companies we partner with to provide this service are:

  • TPN
  • Northern Freight Services
  • Eddie Stobart
  • Waller Transport
  • P&O Ferrymasters
  • DHL
  • Tomorrows Service Today

Call-Off Facility

We offer all of our customers a call-off facility, in order to ensure the transaction is as suited for the customer as possible. For those placing large orders (e.g. in order to make use of some of our seasonal offers) we provide them with the option of collecting the order in smaller quantities. This means we can store the product for you if you do not have access to the appropriate facilities.

Minimum Orders

We have minimum order quantities in place for all of our transactions. In terms of confectionery the minimum order is one pallet for wholesaler or retailers.

International Distribution

TST UK Ltd has access to hundreds of logistic companies based in different parts of the world, small independents to the well know companies such as KUEHNE + NAGEL, P&O and FERRY MASTERS.

Storage Facilities

TST have access to facilities around the world so that we can store your stock or deliver stock into 3rd party warehouses while you decide where you want the stock to go.

Our Repacking Facility


DER UK Ltd is our company of choice in which we use to re-work, label and fix damaged stock for us and our customers.


Having multiple types of machinery on site gives TST the capability to repack all different types of products whether it has been damaged or re-labeled.


TST has multiple staffing agencies, which we can arrange staff to work short notice, if needed to arrange to rework any customers order efficiently.

Container Loading

At TST we go out of our way to make sure that any containers we load are to the correct weights so we can fit the maximum amount of payload in the correct configuration. That way we can ensure stock is not damaged in the process of being transported.

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